Kind of wanted to get the word out… I have a buddy that found a Kawasaki Mule for sale on Craigslist for a really good price. He started interfacing with the seller via email and she said that she was having Hovis Consignment ( handle the sale. My buddy researched the web, found only positive things to say about Hovis, and proceeded to sign up and buy the Mule. Hovis instructed him to wire transfer funds to their Barclays account in England. This raised a flag so he discussed it with his bank and they said it was legit. So he sent the money off and no Mule was delivered. After further research, he found out that the site was created in July of this year and the URL is owned by a Russian, and the account he transferred to was not a Barclay’s account. Got Law enforcement involved and it seems that foreign countries don’t care about Americans getting scammed, as I guess it just puts money into their economy.


D-Town Music Group

June 28, 2012

D-Town is moving in a global fashion working multiple opportunities in India trying to promote the companies worldwide vision in the Entertainment world. Stay tune and check us out at

Nate E

Okay hip-hoper’s, It’s time for me to touch on a little politics. Why is it when politicians make music (speeches) signing their songs that contains “hints of violence” such as the right wings #1 hits “Don’t Run Reload, or Take up your arms”, then when violence happens (such as the shootings in Arizona) they are the first ones that shout out, DON’T BLAME THE POLITICIANS FOR A FEW CRAZIES, ITS RIDICULOUS TO HOLD THE AUTHOR RESPONSIBLE …. sounds familiar?.

When rappers make songs and use the “hints of violence” in their recordings and one stupid kid pop’s off a gun while listening to Lil Wayne, the entire world points the finger (sometimes middle) at us as the source of the problem. The results? sponsors pull out funds, Rappers are forced to make public apologies, or face lawsuits and if we DARE use the ol saying of “its the media” we’re told “POINT THE FINGER AT YOURSELVES”, “STOP USING THE MEDIA AS AN EXCUSE”, ” YOUR MUSIC INCITES VIOLENCE”.

During the past year, I have watched people carry guns to political rallies, hold Nazi signs around our President’s image, call other political parties “Non-American”, say our President is not a true American, a Marxist, etc. all this with the support of politicians from the far right (not all on the right). See in hip-hop we play on people emotions also (just like politics) how you ask? well, we find areas of concern and make songs to vent our frustrations, then in concerts (like rallies) we fill the crowd with our energy, no different then when a candidate goes out on the campaign trail and makes speeches to a hungry crowd.

Now maybe I’m bugging but Sarah Palin used catch phases at many if not all of her rallies/speeches such as “Take up your arms” but doesn’t this sounds similar to Onyx old record “Throw Ya Guns in the air”? hum just a thought. I am not saying she is responsible at all, and she is not the topic of discussion, instead I just think its import to look in the mirror every once in a while.

Politics is the new Hip-Hop.


Eieg/D-Town Music Group also called DMG is an American independent record label established in 2004 and distributed through Universal Music Group Distribution and based out of Dallas, TX.

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January 4, 2011

For the life of me, I cannot understand why recording artist (namely rappers) have repeatedly broken the rules on copying other people styles. I grew up in Harlem NY, I’m currently in my 30’s and still love this art form as I watched it grow. Not to sound like a bitter young old man, but why is it this younger generation does not want to acknowledge anything that is not “today”. An old school artist today is someone who has not had a hit in 4 months. This is crazy to me! then to top it off, it is now acceptable to steal lines, quotes, beats, ideas and act like you originated it. I love SOME of the new artist today, however I think that its far too many “Swagger Jackers” in the industry. If Hip-Hop doesn’t get back to its roots of creativity then I am sorry to say that its just a matter of time before we can really say HIP HOP IS DEAD!.

Lets be honest for a moment, for all of my 30 plus fans of hip-hop. Did it ever matter to you who sold more records when you wanted to purchase an artist album? Why has this become the new bar on being dope. Also, why do I have to be a hater if I think that Drakes album reminded me of a new school PM Dawn? I mean, hell this is an art form first and foremost, and if I don’t like it, I just don’t like it. Rappers lets fast forward and become more creative in 2011, I cant tell you one artist that had an incredible record since 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’.

MUSIC this is a business and despite all the glamour and glitz there are people really breaking their necks on an individual and team basis.I have 16 to 18 hour days and try to juggle my business,a wife,a family and people think it is easy. The best is when my friends from the hood decide this is their new meal ticket and don’t understand why they aren’t rolling in the dough and take offense when they aren’t being catered to as if they were a client and not someone trying to get on. I am very grateful to be in this business as something interesting is always going on and we are at a crossroads where the expansion of our business whether thru the digital realm or the brand marketing angle are creating new opportunities and income streams. That being said everyone should chase their dreams but remember it is up to you to make your dreams come true. The next man or woman shouldn’t have their career used as your personal spring board. You have to find your lane and make it work!!!! Next blog: New york hip hop and the new york state of mind. stay tuned

BY; Chris Lighty from Violator

AT EIEG/D-Town Music Group, Inc.
101 E. Park Blvd. SUITE 600
Plano, TEXAS 75074

December 22, 2010

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Indie Rock/Alternative

December 8, 2010



Juno (Seven Second)


SEVENSECONDCHASE is a new rock group from Vancouver, Canada.  Formed in 2008, SEVENSECONDCHASE has been busy writing and recording new songs for their upcoming debut album, WAITINGFORTHEFUTURETOCHANGE.

There are 4 members in the group, all coming from different backgrounds in music and culture.  More than the sum of their parts they combine to make a complete sound that blends traditional electric guitar with new effects, creating a unique soundscape and  atmosphere.  The songs on their new album were written in different countries around the world.  Trying to get inspiration and influences from new people and places away from their current home in Vancouver, the songs were written in Los Angeles, Seattle, Rio De Janeiro, Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal, and Seoul.  Once the group had enough material and figured out their sound, they went into studio in Vancouver.  With enigmatic lyrics and a recognizable melody, their music creates a vivd image in the minds of their listeners.  Songs about life and death, love and hate, but with an overall optimistic view of the world, their songs were meant to inspire.

You can send submissions and media kit to

Eieg, LLC/D-Town Records


ATTN: A&R (Rock/R&B/POP ARTIST)101 E. Park Blvd. Suite 600

Plano, Texas 75074

Phone: 972-516-3812

Thank you!Nate


July 17, 2010