January 13, 2011

Okay hip-hoper’s, It’s time for me to touch on a little politics. Why is it when politicians make music (speeches) signing their songs that contains “hints of violence” such as the right wings #1 hits “Don’t Run Reload, or Take up your arms”, then when violence happens (such as the shootings in Arizona) they are the first ones that shout out, DON’T BLAME THE POLITICIANS FOR A FEW CRAZIES, ITS RIDICULOUS TO HOLD THE AUTHOR RESPONSIBLE …. sounds familiar?.

When rappers make songs and use the “hints of violence” in their recordings and one stupid kid pop’s off a gun while listening to Lil Wayne, the entire world points the finger (sometimes middle) at us as the source of the problem. The results? sponsors pull out funds, Rappers are forced to make public apologies, or face lawsuits and if we DARE use the ol saying of “its the media” we’re told “POINT THE FINGER AT YOURSELVES”, “STOP USING THE MEDIA AS AN EXCUSE”, ” YOUR MUSIC INCITES VIOLENCE”.

During the past year, I have watched people carry guns to political rallies, hold Nazi signs around our President’s image, call other political parties “Non-American”, say our President is not a true American, a Marxist, etc. all this with the support of politicians from the far right (not all on the right). See in hip-hop we play on people emotions also (just like politics) how you ask? well, we find areas of concern and make songs to vent our frustrations, then in concerts (like rallies) we fill the crowd with our energy, no different then when a candidate goes out on the campaign trail and makes speeches to a hungry crowd.

Now maybe I’m bugging but Sarah Palin used catch phases at many if not all of her rallies/speeches such as “Take up your arms” but doesn’t this sounds similar to Onyx old record “Throw Ya Guns in the air”? hum just a thought. I am not saying she is responsible at all, and she is not the topic of discussion, instead I just think its import to look in the mirror every once in a while.

Politics is the new Hip-Hop.



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