January 4, 2011

For the life of me, I cannot understand why recording artist (namely rappers) have repeatedly broken the rules on copying other people styles. I grew up in Harlem NY, I’m currently in my 30’s and still love this art form as I watched it grow. Not to sound like a bitter young old man, but why is it this younger generation does not want to acknowledge anything that is not “today”. An old school artist today is someone who has not had a hit in 4 months. This is crazy to me! then to top it off, it is now acceptable to steal lines, quotes, beats, ideas and act like you originated it. I love SOME of the new artist today, however I think that its far too many “Swagger Jackers” in the industry. If Hip-Hop doesn’t get back to its roots of creativity then I am sorry to say that its just a matter of time before we can really say HIP HOP IS DEAD!.

Lets be honest for a moment, for all of my 30 plus fans of hip-hop. Did it ever matter to you who sold more records when you wanted to purchase an artist album? Why has this become the new bar on being dope. Also, why do I have to be a hater if I think that Drakes album reminded me of a new school PM Dawn? I mean, hell this is an art form first and foremost, and if I don’t like it, I just don’t like it. Rappers lets fast forward and become more creative in 2011, I cant tell you one artist that had an incredible record since 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’.


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