Eieg/D-Town Records

February 17, 2008

BIOGRAPHYThe Deele (pronounced The Deal) began their musical careers in the 1980’s. An R&B/POP band from Cincinnati , Ohio . The group consisted of six primary members, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds , Antonio ” L.A. ” Reid, Carlos “Satin” Greene, Darnell “Dee” Bristol, Stanley “Stick” Burke, and Kevin “Kayo” Roberson. 1981 was the beginning of their mega careers. The Deele recorded three albums during the 1980’s, and scored two hit singles in 1984. “Body Talk” reached the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart, and in 1987 their song “Two Occasions” reached #4 on the R&B and Pop charts and was one of the biggest hits for the group. This success created new opportunities to write and co-produce for other artist such as Babyface, Tevin Campbell, Bobby Brown, and The Whispers (Rock Steady) just to name a few. The group reunited in 1993, without Reid and Edmonds , and recorded their final album, Invitation to Love. Now in 2007, The Deele has re-grouped, and are currently touring and promoting their new single “The Only One.” Now, apart of the new Dallas based label, Eieg/D-Town Records, The super group is back in the studio and working on their 2008 album release titled “The Only 1.”  The Deele partnered with Eieg/D-Town Koast 2 Koast Records music group, and are now developing, writing, and  producing for DTR/K2K core of new  young artist. They are creating  the “New D-Town Sound.” This will be the beginning of a musical entity that will give birth to some of the most influential groups of our time, and could possibly change the course of R&B and Hip/Hop forever. With Antonio ” L.A. ” Reid and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds branching off into their on solo careers. Kayo, Carlos, and Dee collectively produced, wrote, arranged, and performed pop, adult contemporary, and R&B projects, with over 50 million copies sold. Their expertise has included artists such as Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Bar-Kays, Bootsy Collins, Johnny Gill, Babyface, TLC, Bobby Brown, Toni Braxton, The Whispers, Whitney Houston, and many more. The Grammy Award Winning Group “The Deele” are back creating and producing the same classic sultry sounds that we have all come to love. Their most recent work on “We Belong Together” with Mariah Carey won their production company a Grammy in 2005. .  Now apart of D-Town Koast 2 Koast Records, The Deele have found a new emergence in the music industry bringing the same musical influence, energy, and professionalism, three decades later to quench the thirst of the masses. Moving forward into the new millennium, The Deele will continue to put the S back in the word “muzic” Contact Us: www.dtownrecords.com

email: info@dtownrecords.com


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